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Cheryl and friends are professional women that spend a few months every year visiting Barcelona, Spain. We created this website to share our obsession with Barcelona. And to share our favorite experience, tips and travel tricks.

We are opinionated, honest, and up-front about our experiences. We have high expectations, and our articles reflect this. We don't receive ANY compensation for the reviews and articles on this web site - No free meals, hotel stays, or money.

What You'll Learn on Barcelona Escapes

This site is for the adventurous at heart, who crave a unique Barcelona experience. We don't rehash information you can find in a guidebook or on an official tourist site. For example, you may not find up-to-date prices or hours for activities on Barcelona Escapes.

Instead, we complement the guides with our insight on how you can maximize your time and money in Barcelona. And, we provide interesting facts and insights on Barcelona's most famous tourist attractions.

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We welcome all feedback, and we strive to be as accurate as possible - but stores close, chefs quit, and hotels switch owners. We do include links to websites, so you can easily find the latest scoop on your planned itinerary.

Privacy: All correspondence is kept private. We will not distribute your name, e-mail address or comments to another party without your prior permission.

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