How Much Does it Cost to Eat in a Barcelona Cafe or Bar?

Barcelona has a cafe culture similar to Paris, France. In Madrid, you hop from one tapas bar to the next. In Barcelona, like Paris, you find a comfortable cafe or bar, then linger over drinks and appetizers while socializing with family and friends.

Barcelona also has the most bars/cafes per capita than any other city in the world, so you won't have a problem finding a bar or cafe that suits your style. For a break in sightseeing, grab a seat in the sun, soak up the atmosphere and relax in a cafe. You can take all the time in the world - once you place your order the table is yours until you ask your waiter for the check.

To help you budget for your trip, we've listed average prices for popular cafe items.

Barcelona Cafe and Bar Prices - 2013

Item Price in euros
Glass of Cava 4.50
Bottle of wine (Vin Sol red or white) 8
Glass of wine 3
Cup of coffee with milk (cafe amb llet or cafe con leche) 2.25
Cup of Hot Chocolate (cacaolat) 2.80
Pan con Tomate (bread spread lightly with tomatoes and olive oil) 2
Plate of French Fries (patatas fritas) 4.50
Patatas Bravas (fried potato wedges w/sauces) 5
Plate of Anchovies 8
Caipirinha or Mojito 5
Beer 3
Bottle of Water 1
Bottle of Coke 2.50
Ham and Cheese sandwich (sandwich jambon queso) 5.0
Pizza (individual size - Margherita) 6-7
Pasta with meat sauce 6-7
Cheese Plate 5
Churros (spanish doughnut sticks - 1/2 dozen) 3


To convert these amounts using today's exchange rate, take a deep breath and go here.


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