Visiting Casa Mila / La Pedera

Gaudi was commissioned by a famous politician, Pere Mila to build a dream house for his wife. When they saw the finished product in 1912, they were horrified and refused to live there. Senora Mila was quoted as saying " A snake would be a better pet in this house than a dog."

As you gaze at the Casa Mila with its undulating form and cliff-like terraces, it is hard to believe that Gaudi designed this building over a hundred years ago. Today, many people find that Casa Mila looks like a 21st century masterpiece.

Address: Passeig de Gracia, 92 and Carrer de Provenca 261-265. Open daily. Visit the Casa Mila / La Pedera website for hours and pricing.

Casa Mila Fast Facts and Highlights

La Pedera Reactions by the Public - Casa Mila is also known as "La Pedera" or stone quarry - a derogatory term at the time since many Barcelonians thought it looked like a pile of stones after an earthquake. Other descriptions for Casa Mila included a "petrified aquarium" and a "hanger for airships."

The French president, Georges Clemenceau visited Casa Mile and was disturbed at what he saw. He cut his trip to Barcelona short saying that "In Barcelona, they are building homes for dragons."

The Building - There are no right angles in the building. When one of the tenants complained that it was hard to fit a piano, Gaudi said, "Take up the violin instead." The lack of straight lines gives the building an underwater, marine feel.

Casa Mila was much larger than planned. The Barcelona City Council wanted the top floor to be chopped off or pay the city a $1 million dollar fine. When Gaudi could not afford it, the city finally relented.

Originally, a ramp inside the building was wide enough to allow horse-drawn carriages and motor cars to drive all the way to the roof.

The wrought-iron grating from basement was sold to an American for $60,000 in the 1970's.

La Pedera is supported entirely by pillars without a single master wall creating abundant natural light in each apartment. The outside of the building contains thin plates of aluminum coated with stone.

Marine Motif - The lack of straight lines gives the Casa Batilo an undulating, marine feel. Find the doors of kelp seaweed and notice the sea foamy ceiling. The interior patios as blue as a mermaid cave.

The Roof - The ventilation shaft heads are shaped like the helmets of medieval knights. Notice the following "Garden of Warriors.'

Originally, a huge statue of the Virgin Mary was to be placed on the roof's highest point. The current owner would not allow it because he was afraid of anarchists. Gaudi quit in disgust.

Gaudi framed his Sagrada Familia under an arch on the roof.

Make sure to pass the Casa Mila at night when the exterior is lit up. In summer, there are concerts served with cava on the roof.

To see more of the original furniture that Gaudi designed for Casa Mila, visit the MNAC museum.



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