Cheap Activities in Barcelona - Under 10€

You don't need a large budget to experience the Catalan culture in Barcelona. Below is a list of budget-friendly activities for under 10€ per person.

Attend a Flamenco Performance

Although Flamenco originated in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain, many Catalan dancers have studied the art form and added their own twist.

If you'd like to get a taste of flamenco without paying 70€ for an over-priced meal, attend a flamenco concert at Tarantos located in the beautiful Plaça Reial. The performance is short, about 30 minutes, but the price is right - 8€ at the door or 6€ if you purchase in advance online.

Info: Plaça Reial 17, Metro: Drassanes or Liceau. At least three shows daily. Check website for details.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Chocolate Museum (Musee de la Xocolata)

The first time Europeans tasted chocolate was in Barcelona. In 1520, Spanish Explorers learned of the sweet substance from the Aztecs and sailed with it to Barcelona harnessing the north wind, called by the Aztecs the" viento chocolatero" or chocolate wind. Once in Barcelona, the Catalan monks discovered how to solidify liquid chocolate into solid chocolate bars.

The Musee de la Xocolata walks you through the history of chocolate, but the main attraction is the stunning displays of popular cultural figures (e.g., Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Sponge bob Square pants, Barca soccer icons) and historical sites, (e.g., the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's La Pedera) sculpted in chocolate. The fine details of each chocolate figure, some life-size, will make you question if the sculptures are really made out of chocolate.

Spend 4.5€ to tour the museum, then relax in the bright museum cafe and indulge in delectable chocolate candy or a rich, cup of steaming hot, melted chocolate.

Info: Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and from 10am to 3pm on Sundays and holidays. Closed Tuesday. Address: Carrer Comerç, 36 - A few blocks from the Picasso Museum.

See Barcelona from Land and Sea

Since 1888, tourists to Barcelona have sailed on Los Golondrinas or swallow boats, to view the Barcelona skyline from the Mediterranean Sea. Take a a 35-minute tour around the port of Barcelona for 6.5€ to learn how the sea and Barcelona's fortunes have been entwined for centuries.

After the tour, see the view from the opposite perspective by walking a few blocks from the port to the bottom of Las Ramblas and paying 3.5€ to ride to the top of the Columbus Monument (Monument a Colon). The monument marks the spot where Columbus docked after discovering the New World in 1433 and was designed with Columbus pointing towards America in the east. Unfortunately, he points west. Whether the placement of the monument in 1888 and the direction of Columbus' gaze was deliberate or a mistake is still up for debate.

Info: Metro: Drassanes. Los Golondrinas boat tours are on the hour from 10:00am to sunset. Address: Moll de Drassanes.

The Monument a Colon is open daily from 9:00am to 8:30pm from May to September, then closes at 6:30 from October through April. Address: Placa Portal de la Pau.

Bike on the Beach

In 2012, National Geographic Magazine named Barcelona the "Best Beach City" in the world. Surprisingly, most of the beaches lining Barcelona did not exist twenty-years ago. In 1992, in preparation for the Summer Olympic Games, the city dredged up sand from the Mediterranean Sea and created seven beaches over a 3 mile area, transforming the uninviting port area to a tropical paradise.

As part of the beach creation process, the city built pedestrian boardwalks and bike paths along the coastline. Rent a bike for 10€ for three hours at Biciclot located right on Barceloneta beach (in the arcades under the seafront walkway and Frank Gehry's large fish sculpture - next to the Barcelona Beach Center). Helmets, locks, a map showing all bike lanes, and a light are included in the price.

Pedal south on the bike path towards shopping at the Mare Magnum mall, the Columbus Monument and the Drassanes port area.

Or, pedal north on the bike trail towards the marina, the Olympic Village and the Barcelona Forum with its unique, natural rock, seawater swimming pool.

In both directions, when you need a break, relax at a chiringuito, a small beach bar that sits directly on the sand. Grab a bite to eat and a refreshing beverage while gazing at the sparkling Mediterranean before continuing your bike ride.

Note: If you are interested in a daily bike rental for 10€, try Barceloneta Bikes, located a few blocks from the beach. Check out their website for a map of their location.

Info: Metro: Barceloneta. Map of Barcelona Beaches.



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