Visiting the Fundacio Joan Miro

Joan Miro is a native Barcelonian famous for his sculptures and paintings that bridge surrealism and abstract art. What does this mean? To Miro, it means using playful shapes and bold designs in primary colors to evoke an emotion or feeling.

Catalan's believe that Miro's work - experimental, dynamic, yet fun - mirrors their image of Barcelona. You'll find Miro's works everywhere in Barcelona. At the airport, when you arrive. Under your feet, in Las Ramblas. And, when you look up, in many Barcelona parks.

Address: Fundacio Joan Miro, Placa de Neptu, Parc de Montjuic. 200 yards from the Funicular. Closed on Mondays. Visit the Fundacio Joan Miro website for up-to-date pricing and opening hours.

Joan Miro Museum Fast Facts and Highlights

The Museum Building - The Joan Miro Museum contains over 200 paintings and 150 sculptures. The white concrete and glass building was designed specifically to showcase Miro's art. Even if you aren't a fan of Miro's work, the rationalist architecture and stunning setting on top of Montjuic overlooking Barcelona is worth a visit.

Miro's Art and Philosophy - Miro believed that everything in the universe is linked - colors, sky, stars, stars, love, time, men, women, dirt and the void.

He mixes childlike symbols of these things creatively as a poet uses words.

For him, simplicity is freedom.

Understanding Miro - To understand Miro:

  1. Look at the painting.
  2. Read the title.
  3. Look at it again.
  4. Repeat as necessary.

Remember, there is no correct answer or interpretation - just like poetry.

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